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Get them talking

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Back for Servicing

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Is your showroom

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Personalised Vehicle Handovers


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Welcome To Mussay

The Personalised Vehicle Handover Specialists.

“Gifts with purchase” designed for automotive, to inspire customers and Sales teams to connect, delivering increased Sales and recommendations, from a great relationship formed on handover.

If you’re working in the automotive industry today, you will know how important it is to make people feel special. Customers love a personalised handover experience.  If we get it right, everyone feels great, a good relationship is formed. The customer leaves the showroom feeling super special.  They tell friends, family and followers, increasing Sales.

The brand name Mussay is a play on words and comes from the French ‘Merci’ meaning ‘Thank You’.

We believe that giving is an essential part of the new car sales process and should play a part in every Customer Service Experience. For when you must say thanks – say “Mussay”.

We strive to make the handover experience unique and special every time, with luxury presentation perfectly aligned to the brand, listening to Sales teams and helping them to deliver an awesome experience.


Luxury presentation for car showrooms was a natural progression, using the Mussay brand.

BoxcoUK has developed a reputation for quality products founded on our long standing experience within the presentation and promotional gift markets.

Each product is assembled with care and attention to detail on our assembly line in Norfolk. To appreciate this quality, you can arrange a visit to our showroom, or we can bring the range to visit you.

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