13,001 Chevrolets in 15 years…

Joe Girard, the car salesman who got into the Guiness Book of Records selling 13,0001 Chevrolets in 15 years!

The best from the article:

One of his biggest secrets? Girard told his customers to come back to him directly if they ever had a problem with their cars. Then Girard treated the dealership’s mechanics to a big dinner at an Italian restaurant on the third Wednesday of every month.

The mechanics loved him so much they’d drop other jobs and assign three people to one of his customers, recalled Girard, who often speaks of himself in the third person. He’d also pay for low-priced parts himself if the car was out of warranty.

“What made Joe Girard was service, service, service — and I created the greatest advertising in the world, which was word of mouth,” he said.

Full article here, 2011

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