Everyone deserves this

Making someone feel special is the vital ingredient to making a relationship work long-term.

We’re not telling you that making a great relationship is down to giving a box; and we’re not saying you won’t ever have a sale that goes wrong, and we are the first to say that throwing in a Mussay vehicle handover gift at the end of the sale (putting it in the boot and hoping they find it when they get home), will save the whole relationship (which has been horrific up to this point).  We can’t promise that we have the touch that will ‘save the day’ and make an irrate customer suddenly change tune and post positive messages around the net.  That’s not going to happen.

Gaining great relationships in a consistent way is a much harder task, especially while you are trying to increase the volume of sales at the same time.

How much easier would it be if you had the tools at hand to help you be amazing all the time?

Providing a framework for Sales Executives sends them the message that you care about their performance and want to help them be amazing at what they do for you.  The 1% effort that goes into personalising the packs for the new owner pays dividends in making a great relationship between the Sales team and the new owner.

Great relationships don’t just happen, but for minimal effort you can be amazing.



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