Starbucks – personalised cups

Although it has 17000 locations in over 55 countries around the  world, Starbucks still offers a personalised approach by manually writing the name of each customer on his/her cup and also calling customers by name to get it when it’s ready.

This level of personalisation gives Starbucks a competitive advantage over other coffee shops as well as a heap of great PR out of something really so simple as the clients first name.  Spelt correctly would be a good thing, and said correctly would be impressive but either way the fact that the seller (Starbucks employeee) has asked the buyer (you) suggests a deeper connection and takes the relationship to a new level assuming loyalty to the brand.

There’s lots of articles out there on Starbucks, here’s just one:

Starbucks on first name terms

We love this website too – See how many ways Starbucks can (miss)spell your name and how many different drinks it can show you (turning a negative into a positive) ! Click here for what’s my starbucks name?


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