Adrian Price

Product Development & Research

Job Role
I head up research here, looking for new products and great content. Working with the automotive sector is fun, you are always on a journey, and we are on a mission to improve both personally and professionally, for the good of our clients, embracing new technology into the packs, imbedding digital touch points with physical follow-up, making for fantastic results.

I have a passion to develop products that, on the one hand, exceed the expectations of the recipient, but on the other hand have not been an onerous task for the sales executive. Using simple techniques and tools that the sales executives are familiar with, some of the results achieved have been phenomenal.

Background Info
I have been lucky to work across a spectrum of different industries, from both management to warehouse roles and I have a love of cars that fits me for this role.

The attitude I strive to maintain is one of sophistication from simplicity – doing more with less effort. I love efficient systems and I’m always on the look-out to streamline our systems and operations with a view to making simple but significant improvements in our customer service. As part of the Boxco team we strive to set and exceed our own high standards for getting more done with the same or fewer resources.

Money no object, what car would you drive and why?
Morgan Roadster, or an Aston Martin Vulcan, or a Mercedes C63 AMG S.  Well, money no object, what’s stopping me from having several, why drive the same car every day?

My favourite pack is actually the one we created for Graypaul Ferrari




Finding new products


Morgan Roadster

one of the fleet

Gift for Graypaul

Elite stitching