Colin Devine

Marketing Director

I like making other people feel special…one at a time.

Job role
Creative, People Befriender, Ideas Generator…OK that’ll do, my time is valuable.

We (the royal we) have been making interesting marketing pieces for the last 20 odd years more than I care to remember, see our sister website In 2011 we were asked if we could produce a luxury presentation for a box of chocolates, a personalised coaster, mug and brochure. The job happened to be for a coffee company who at that stage were focusing on automotive. Our pack found its way to Mercedes, who realised that it would make a fantastic gift to their customers. The rest is History…it wasn’t long before we realised that the car business was bored of Chocolates and Flowers, it needed something new.

My real passion is to watch someone when you deliver a personalised gift. If you can read emotions, then you know your relationship has just changed from Professional ‘You did what you said you would’ to Best Friends ‘I trust you anyway’ – From Satisfied to a new level where first names terms are expected, where a follow up call is simple and easy to make. It establishes common ground on which to build your relationship. Don’t lose it, make it easy for your team to achieve sales targets and repeat business.

The attitude I strive to maintain… 
There’s nothing like keeping the customer in suspense, the car business has tended to overlook the customers excitement at point of handover, it’s easy when you’re handling lots of car orders to overlook how much each customer has committed themselves to. I like the surprise to be unexpected, a treat, an experience a mile stone of achievement.

Money no object, what car would you drive and why?
I would design my own, it would have a drive unit with interchangeable bodies, a Pick-up for taking the bikes out, a People carrier for school runs and a 2-seater supercar for the evening out (which would be more regular than they are now because moneys no object remember!)

Anything else you feel is relevant?
One of my first cars was something Dad picked up when I was still at college, great little run about, can’t think why we haven’t still got it, big squidgy velour seats, and springy suspension. Don’t know why Talbot don’t make them anymore! I remember in my ignorance driving through a huge puddle and completely soaking a bus stop full of passengers trying to keep dry. One of them came charging down the street and put a huge dent in the passenger door. All very embarrassing, maybe it was just as well it got part exchanged for the next old banger!

Additional info
VW Diesel issue – Right or wrong, I drive 2 VW’s and quite frankly feel very sorry for the dealerships. They’ve worked really hard and built such great relationships that have been shattered. I’m under the impression that if a fix is available my cars performance will suffer!

Favourite pack: BMW 630 – pure luxury – way above expectation!



My first car

Great little run about

Dream car

I would design my own

Favourite Box

Really happy with this...