Elspeth Devine

Order Processing & Production

I pride myself in looking after you from order to completion.
Job Role
My job role includes looking after clients from first commitment, through production and seeing new packs coming off the line and delivery into your warehouse or direct to car dealerships.

Background Info
I have been known to drive a Mercedes Vito van… back in the bad old days… there’s nothing quite like being higher off the ground to see what’s going on around! My latest vehicle is an i30 which suits me just fine!

I’m passionate about every job we do… from the small key packs to our super vehicle handover gifts. I pride myself in looking after these projects from your order to completion.
The attitude I strive to maintain… Is being honest with our clients and always keeping you in the loop with progress of your order.

Money no object, what car would you drive and why?
Something with presence… maybe a Bentley or Maserati!

Anything else you feel is relevant?
Never mind the car you drive or would like to drive… when you buy the right one what experience at handover did you have?

Favourite pack: Special launch Lotus Exige LF1 – love the uniqueness of this design



My latest vehicle

Suits me just fine!

Dream Car?


Favourite pack

Lotus Exige LF1