Jeannette Jones

Customer Support Team

I’m passionate about delivering value to dealerships and automotive teams, making a lasting impact with each delivery.

Job Role
I look after Clients from first touch-point, oversee interactions with the team, checking you’re happy all the way through.

I’ve had experience with lots of clients, making relationships work. At Boxco we design a luxury product that involves lots of contact with Sales teams (which is good) but I’m mindful that for Car Sales teams they may only have 30mins to make a lasting impression, often after their clients has made the crucial steps in the buying process. Clearly this is why it’s imperitive to get it right first time, really awesome, to get the customer talking about you and generating positive long-term results for the company.

Me & V-Culture
Growth & learning, Open & Honest relationships and being Passionate & Determined are all part of the culture, attitudes I strive for. I believe that consistent growth and learning is synonymous with breathing and life – we don’t have any dead-end jobs at Mussay! With V-culture we can solve problems by learning and pursuing our objectives. Open and honest relationships give scope for us to discuss as a team in the confidence that any ideas we have will be listened to. Our team is passionate about making good relationships at vehicle handover.

Money no object, what car would you drive and why?
Audi R8 Coupe £146k, with red cross-stitch interior (when they make them in Matt Black)

Favourite pack: Porsche – the thrill of a Porsche Moment…

Anything else you feel is relevant?
Not yet !


Dream Car?

Audi R8 Coupe

cross-stitch interior

Matt black please

Creating a wow moment