Ronnie Devine

General Manager

I like causing a stir, making an experience memorable

Job Role
Includes a dash of everything, keeping the wheels turning.

Background info
We’re about causing a stir at handover that won’t be forgotten, and enabling the car dealerships to create a retail experience for customers that will get talked about and shared on social media, and at the coffee shop!

I’m passionate about change…
No one can survive without change and innovation, I believe if car dealerships always do what they have always done, they won’t get what they have always got. Following 4 consecutive years of growth, and the prospect of increased finance costs, the dealerships need new ideas and creativity to fuel growth for the next 4 years.

The attitude I strive for…
To embrace and drive change

Money no object, what car would you drive and why?
If money was no object I wouldn’t drive again, why not have a chauffeur. Imagine never having to reverse park or find a parking space ever again! I would happily say goodbye to yellow lines once and for all!

Favourite pack: KIA 530 – carries a simple message 


Dream car?

Why not have a chauffeur..

Happy Yellow Lines


The power to surprise