Simon Price

Fulfilment Manager

I love anything three dimensional and for me these packs are a massive thrill because I love making people feel happy and bringing a smile to people’s eyes; I will always try and do what I can to make someone’s day a better one.

Job Role
My job role includes being highly creative, thinking outside the box and being part of the team.

Background info
I guess you can imagine, I’m a 23 year old male, I’m not going to hate cars am I!! Well that is exactly right, in fact the truth is, I love them! Ever since my 13th birthday, when my grandfather took me to a motor show, I have been fascinated particularly with fast cars but also with cars in general. My neighbour has an old E-Type Jag and it looks absolutely superb. He will often get it out on a Sunday, take it for a little ride, come home and wash it, then he just glides it back into the garage again! I have never yet plucked up the courage to ask him if I can take it out for a spin, but I’m sure he just does it to make me jealous!! One of these days I’ll get behind the wheel.

Passionate about
I’m passionate about developing and delivering luxury and chic, brand exclusive products for vehicle handover.

The attitude I strive to maintain
Create fun and a little weirdness, that’s what I work to in my day at work! To be creative and innovative you have to think differently to everyone else and look at everything from a different perspective. Outside the box thinking is a skill that I think I am lucky enough to have a piece of and it comes in very handy within my role at BoxcoUK.

Money no object, what car would you drive and why?
If I had the money I would drive a Pagani Zonda R1. Have you ever seen one in real life?! If you have then you will probably realise why I choose this car as the one to drive, but if not, then I suggest you try and find one because then, I couldn’t be certain but, I reckon you would think the same as me!

Anything else you feel is relevant?
My favourite handover pack is the one we produce for the Ford Mustang, it may have something to do with the car that it is given away with, but…!!  I think this one is just the right size, it fits an A5 document so you can fold your docs in half and pop them in, it has space for two business cards in the lid so that the sales executive can put his card in and also introduce the servicing side of their dealership as well. It has a very nice trolley coin key ring and our very own personalisable glass coaster that can be designed up within the dealership just for that customer, making them feel special and the experience momentous.


Neighbour's car

old E-type Jag

Pagani Zonda

I reckon you'd agree

Ford Mustang