Tell us why & what you're good at

We’re always looking for exceptional people…

If you feel you have something to add to our team here please send us your CV, but not before you read this:

It might be that you were born in a car showroom, or raised on a race track… Grandpa Goodwood drove a… write what you like, we want to know.

If you believe you have the right genealogy, the right credentials, we look forward to hearing from you.

Could you find a passion for the new car handover experience, and making it better – it may not be something you’ve thought of before but could you find that getting a hold of you?! It’s all about experience, something different, personalised for the client, making today really special for someone.

The attitudes you strive for in life are also important to us.  Do you have a mind-set that will work well with our team here? Remember we’re on the look out for creatives so copying something we’ve written, may not cut the mustard!

Money no object… what car would you drive & why?
This is supposed to be fun: Sit back, close your eyes, open your mind, think cars, the key is in your hand, now drive it away…

Anything else you feel is relevant?

Fill this up with pictures of your cats, kids or pet-hates… it all helps us find you the right role.


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